The Art of Natural Cheesemaking with David Asher

August 5–9, 9.00–16.30
Farm of Ideas
Svanholm Gods 15A, 4050 Skibby

Experience a 5-day intensive cheesemaking course with David Asher, presented by the Relæ Community and hosted at Farm of Ideas. Only 20 spots are available!

DKK 4.500,00 inkl. moms

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Love cheese? Raw milk?

Say cheese and join our first workshop presented by the Relæ Community at Farm of Ideas with David Asher. David does not make cheese according to standard industrial philosophies – he explores traditionally cultured and organic methods of cheesemaking. And this time, we give you the opportunity to learn from David, by making cheese with fresh raw milk from our own dairy cows at Farm of Ideas.

Look forward to an inspiring, hands-on, 5-day course; from culture propagation to rennet coagulation and affinage, this comprehensive workshop will cover nearly all aspects of natural farmhouse cheesemaking.

David’s technique is simple and safe, it can easily be reproduced at home or at small scale dairies. Whether you are a professional or a hobby cheesemaker – it is a perfect opportunity to learn, share your cheesy passion, and enjoy its deliciousness!

Fresh, raw milk from pasture-raised dairy cows of Farm of Ideas will be used.

About David Asher

An internationally well-known organic artisan who focuses on old and traditional cheesemaking methods. He creates his own cultures – mostly kefir based – and shows students how to grow their own moulds. David is a raw milk guru with worldwide followers. He runs classes at the black sheep school of cheesemaking and is the author of “The Art of Natural Cheesemaking”.


Five days of learning allows students to see many styles of cheese through various stages of their evolution and provides insight into how all cheeses can evolve from the very same milk, with the same culture and the same rennet. The course will focus on natural methods and a full circle, small-scale cheesemaking.

No freeze-dried cultures or synthetic enzymes will be used in any of our makes.

*The following schedule is approximate.

Day 1
Learn to care for the cultures of our cheese. We begin with a session on dairy fermentation, covering Clabber, Kefir, Crème Fraiche and yoghurt.

Day 2
Use cultures and rennet to make fresh lactic cheeses such as Cream Cheese & Chevre, and Geotrichum-candidum ripened lactic cheeses such as Crottin, Valençay and Saint Marcellin. Also included are acid-coagulated cheeses like Skyr and Quark.

Day 3
We look at rennet cheeses, preparing, in the morning, the basic curd that can become many different styles of cheese. By the afternoon, the curd’s acidity will have developed and we’ll be able to stretch the cheese into Mozzarella, Queso Oaxaca and Burrata. We also explore the different rind ecologies of rennet cheeses including the white fungus of Camembert and the orange rinds of Limburger.

Day 4
We make a Stilton and explore the cultivation of blue fungus that gives this cheese its veins. With a slight variation in the make, we will prepare Cheddar and rennet the traditional way.

Day 5
Making Alpine cheese to see how one cheese can evolve in many different directions including Tomme, Comte and Caciocavallo. With its leftover whey, we prepare a batch of traditional Ricotta.

Practical information

  • We offer lunch and light coffee breaks during the workshop
  • The workshop will be held in English
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • A detailed schedule will be provided a week before the event with day-to-day activities
  • Questions? Please send us an email at