BÆST is a restaurant where organic produce of the highest quality and sustainability is a matter of course. That’s the raw truth!

A place where we believe in sustainable cooking and knowing every detail of what we serve.

A place where the best Danish, local, sustainable and organic produce is combined with Italian craftsmanship to create a unique dining experience. Made by hand and eaten by hand!

A place where we serve the food family style – to be shared by the whole table.

Instead of importing mozzarella, we make it ourselves with the best raw milk – from our 16 cows grazing at Farm of Ideas, just 50 km from the restaurant – and stretch it by hand several times a day.

Where charcuterie is something that we craft from the best variety of pigs we have come across in Denmark … well, maybe even Europe.

A restaurant where pizza is made of local flour, gently fermented, then baked at blasting 500°C in a wood-fired, custom made oven, built for us in Naples.

A place where you can swing by for a quick bite, indulge in the BÆST Experience family style menu, or just grab a Spritz in the bar.

BÆST is a place in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where organic fare is affordable – ‘cause we make it all from scratch.