The Christmas menu at BÆST is served each Friday and Saturday from 9th November – 22nd December in our newly renovated and cozy dining room, Upstairs. If you are interested in other dates for you party then do not hesitate to contact us at:

The Christmas menu price is 375 DKK /person and do not include wine or water – please see below.

The dining room has room for approximately 90 people and you will be seated at long tables with other guest, where you will enjoy the Christmas menu together.  

If you wish to book the whole dining room, then please write:

BÆST’s Christmas menu is a set menu, but you will be able to make add ons, such as our hand stretched mozzarella or straciatella made from fresh milk from our own cows in our small diary right next to our dining room.

BÆST’s Christmas menu

Selection of BÆST’s original charcuterie

Roasted kale, duck confit, salted bergamot, toasted buckwheat

Roasted blood sausage, quince mustard, rye crumble

Bæst Medister sausage, lingonberries, fresh herbs

Baked beets, BÆST’s mascarpone, smoked hazelnuts

Porchetta of Hindsholm pork, braised red cabbage, brown sauce

Caramelized potatoes, whey, apple.

Ris ala mande

The menu might be subject to change.

Add ons

BÆST’s hand stretched mozzarella made from milk from our own cows grazing in Farm of Ideas
+ 35 pr. person

BÆST’s own stracciatella made from our mozzarella and cream. Served with greens from Farm of Ideas (might be subject to change according to the seasonal produce available)
+ 40 DKK pr. person

Christmas Packages

We kindly ask you that you order one of the Christmas packages below and that the order is the same for all at your party.


Christmas I

BÆST’s Christmas menu

2 glass of wine picked by our sommelier

Filtered water – sparkling or still

Price pr. person 575 DKK


Christmas II

BÆST’s Christmas menu


3 glass of wine picked by our sommelier

Filtered water – sparkling or still

Coffee or tea

Price pr. person 700 DKK


Christmas III

BÆST’s Christmas menu


Wine ad libitum picked by our sommelier

Filtered water – sparkling or still

Coffee or tea

Price pr. person 825 DKK

If you wish any specific wines, wines in another price range or a liqueur or cordial with your coffee we can arrange that as well.


If you wish to have a private party with music, DJ and other merry activities then do not hesitate to write us at:


All of BÆST’s produce is organic certified or in the process of converting.

The menu might be subject to change according to the seasonal produce.

The kitchen at BÆST focuses on high quality meat, but if your party has any vegetarians then let us know so we can make something special.

BÆST’s Christmas Catering

If you want to have your own private Christmas party – either in your own banquet facilities, at the office or even in your own home – we are more than happy to cater you the best from BÆST’s kitchen.

Our talented chefs see to that the the christmas dinner is prepared properly and will even stay and served the dinner if you wish.

When you order catering form BÆST you have a wide range of possibilities. Our catering is handled by Puglisi Events, where we have gathered the best gastronomy from the restaurants BÆST, Manfreds and Mirabelle – all part of Relæ Community.

The menu can be combined with a focus on both meat and the best vegetables from Farm of Ideas – everything is up to you!

Read more about our catering options right here.