BÆST is a restaurant where organic produce of the highest quality and sustainability is a matter of course. That’s the raw truth!

A place where we believe in sustainable cooking and knowing every detail of what we serve.

A place where the best Danish, local, sustainable and organic produce is combined with Italian craftsmanship to create a unique dining experience. Made by hand and eaten by hand!

A place where we serve the food family style – to be shared by the whole table.

Instead of importing mozzarella, we make it ourselves with the best raw milk – from our 16 cows grazing at Farm of Ideas, just 40 km from the restaurant – and stretch it by hand several times a day.

Where charcuterie is something that we craft from the best variety of pigs we have come across in Denmark … well, maybe even Europe.

A restaurant where pizza is made of local flour, gently fermented, then baked at blasting 500°C in a wood-fired, custom made oven, built for us in Naples.

A place where you can swing by for a quick bite, indulge in the BÆST Experience family style menu, or just grab a Spritz in the bar.

BÆST is a place in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where organic fare is affordable – ‘cause we make it all from scratch.


Christmas and new year’s

In all of December you have the opportunity to come have Christmas lunch at Upstairs at BÆST or alternatively order Christmas lunch for takeaway for you and your company, friends or family. Read more about the opportunities right here. If you want a delicious organic duck or goose for your Christmas dinner, you are able to purchase one here and pick it up when you want.

If you want a festive New Year’s with delicious food and wine-pairing, cocktails and partying, then do it at BÆST. Read more about New Year’s at BÆST and get your ticket here.

For those who wish to give an experience at BÆST as a Christmas present, we offer a special BÆST Christmas gift card, which includes a BÆST Experience menu and an aperitif on the house.

Order a Christmas gift card


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